1. This project is creating an Azure Pipeline. Azure pipelines is a cloud service that you can use to automatically build, test and deploy your code or project. From what I read, it works with just about any language or project type.

2. The first thing I did was create an Azure Devops organization. As this is the beginning of this project I’m unsure of the tasks that I’ve completed but what I do understand is the gist of the pipelines

3. Next I created a GIT account

4. In my Ubuntu lab, I downloaded and installed Visual Studio code using the terminal. The Terminal command used was sudo snap install — classic code

5. Next I opened Visual studio to create myself a username. I created CJ Shields as a username

6. I logged into Github and navigated to the “Space Game”

7. I created the Fork for space game and copied the web address

8. I placed the web address into Visual Studio code but received an error stating I didn’t have a public SSH key

9. I went back to Github and selected “Use HTTPS” to receive a different link

10. The URL copied successfully in VS

11. As I went back to the documentation and opened the project in VS, a message popped up stating .NET needed to be installed. I clicked the link and proceeded further

12. I ran various commands via terminal to install .Net on Ubuntu 20.

13. Once .Net was installed I ran the dotnet build –configuration Release command and it returned with no Warning and 0 errors.

14. Next, I ran the dotnet run — configuration Release — no-build — project Tailspin.SpaceGame.Web

15. These were the steps taken to create this file local to my ubuntu machine

16. The next exercise was to set up my Azure DevOps environment

17. I ran the template provided by the documentation

18. I created my pipline and reviewed my pipeline YAML

19. Next I pulled the origin master and created a branch called build-pipeline

20. Ran the ls command to see what items were in my directory

21. Ran the nano command and deleted everything in the text and pasted what was given in the documentation

22. Entered in my next three commands:

23. git add azure-pipelines.yml

24. git commit -m “Add build tasks”

25. git push origin build-pipeline

26. Running the second command produced this error:

27. I entered in the commands listed in the picture and re-ran the second, then third command, which produced

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